Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Daydreaming Life

powers of ancient Indian emperors
please me ah yes yet I
find myself reflecting on
Ethan Hawke's multi-task acting
in my memory of Great Expectations
green heartache aspiring artist

"a head should be a chimney"
yes, I say, it is so because
it is printed on onion skin
paper pleasant to the touch
and remains pleasing & delightful
I have seen here my whole life

suffering succotash I say: a phrase made famous
by Sylvester; Succotash, a Naragansett Indian
word meaning "broken into bits." Paparazzi
follow me around snapping random candids
say cheese fast like a Flaunt boy who reads
killer books has killer looks and a fierce left-hook

impossible recurrences of memory seem to me to
be remembered not by me but by someone I once
called myself: a contributor to the life I
find I am forced to live if not lead or lead
with pleasing memories of pleasant moments or even
unpleasant moments remembered fondly lovingly

a tale of childhood buddies a dark drama & sober
fall quietly in love a chaste romance tender
when writing a memoir expect swelling strings
while relating one's past inject human imperfection
this may please some disturb others leave some cold
I vow today to clean up big time at the box office

water fell on Lance Armstrong's finely tuned body
befriending a bartender a bosom friend a family
friend an archfiend with licentious purpose a
godsend breaking all formulas a beauty when people
first saw him jaws dropped greater than the sum
of his parts and resulted in Bruce Weber photos

to get the job done hire unqualified people in
Guess jeans kindred cats of coolness moon-risen
leafy trees completely covered in blazing radiance
put an end to evildoing controversy strife combat
hostility divisive talk longing malice false views
fears slander harshness compulsive activity & DKNY

it is part of our conditioning inherited from father
to son generation after generation the desire for
certainty a possession to love and be dominated by
quiet evenings on the front porch sipping lemonade
with Werner Fassbinder Brad Davis and Andy Warhol
having your picture taken by Christopher Makos

-- Jeff Wietor


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