Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Conversation with the Enemy

I am a living and tragic museum of
separation. You can describe me as
a yes it is hostile and threatening
creature full of shattered . . .

I checked the house. His clothes
were gone.


What's to be done with Miu Miu: what's she wearing; is Mason athletic or not; is Adam forever amiable and understanding and what of his twin Whit who makes too much of everything; what do they look like even if they look like each other differently; are the three of them really four when it comes down to functionality?


Brett Favre is not afraid of a 300 pound lineman.


Let me have the evidence.


Was it dismissed?
Upon looking into a mirror
he senses a deeply intoxicating kind of love


Miu Miu must learn to fuse her ego with her
Self; and object world

Mason must remember to reflect upon his ego,
deny his Self; while fusing with the object world.

Adam and Whit must learn to separate themselves from
their mirror egos, false selves and accept or reject
the object world.

Oneness is not objectless.
What does it mean:
art is a mirror of nature.
is Mother Nautre in symbiosis?
Why is an infant blissfully unaware of a self
but fully in charge of an ego.

Miu Miu has a strangely masculine body.
Mason: a metro-sexual currency.
Adam could pass for some sort of sexually charged distilled water.
Whit a masculine condensation of muscular, equine, energy.

-- Jeff Wietor


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