Monday, November 21, 2005

From The Front Matter, Dead Souls

Orphée was originally Defoe.

Mist didn't fall on that desert. The figure withering aging could not be.
Yet showers from the plates of cloud fall on the desert. The utter happiness of love for Akira on the illuminated blue field is, yet one has not existed.

A child is sticking its arm down the throat of a calf, several calves lined in the street. The child sticking an arm down its throat, feeding the calves, there is no middle ground here. They're silhouetted.
The calves don't utter. There's no silence in that. They don't, in it.
There's no sky. The faceless worm is the same as the child and calf attached at the child's arm. Feeding the calves is in this.

The approach to find another civilization is not seeking historical knowledge. One has not existed.

Akira being in death is akin to the nerve in one which feeds the flesh telling it to remember to be alive. Otherwise the flesh is in rigor mortis while the person is still living. She experiences this in her own flesh first. The utilitarian world is lost but is not missed. The nerve is the "Word" in the flesh, as in the captions, lettering as such, coming from angels' mouths, early cartoons.
What is the relation of words in dreams or awake to the nerve in one telling one's flesh to be alive without which it forgets?
This text must be literally the instructions to physically live. What does that mean to what occurs while living?
No one sees this. It is Frankenstein in reverse.
What causes the nerve in the neck in one to be alive at all? One would have to cross past the line of the word and flesh, a state of they're not being. Where there is only real death, extinction.

The tree(d) (as of it, not the past) apple-blossoms are the same thing as itself yet not enflamed in it. Spring blossoms loose (as being there in it - at all) not enflaming people.

In a deep sleep, so that waking setting out in the car no orientation being found - in utter extinction (extinguished sockets in bright air - though not breathing in the black thorax then either, breathing in the upper chest as if running and utterly quiet) of no cognition yet seeking to re-form the structure seen before, which wasn't being resumed - the magnolia buds opened in a thin blazing blue.
Aware muffled that one needn't seek the structure yet is doing so, struggling lumbering. One waits to be clear only to find it (there being an opportunity not to be in it), yet there was no pairing in it - none possible in utter heavy disorientation - the magnolia cups 'occur' only in the bright air there.
No elevation even is close to it - or at all.
People meeting in an occurrence by acting something else as if pressed to it momentarily, its reality is coming from various people by their not speaking or acting which is that event, but rather, their being as separate as being it. It is occurrence only with people.
But that impermanence does not stop the other from dying. It is therefore as close to that state as can be.

Then too,
others being willing to grant a 'life' as having significance (based on being in a group, or having such-and-such affiliations)
as opposed to being nothing - one, only - as spring, there.

'Pride-riding'- of one's black thorax - only - as if isn't a 'life.' (In oneself doing it.) Aware of her, someone else, resting on authority (of a relative or group), 'there isn't even the blue in which one is' in physical fact. One has to 'allow' in one's conception (as being one's impermanence) him to be impermanent utterly.

The branch of the apple-blossoms as tree(d) only in air - and people meeting as motions that are not the same as the event occurring which are being their meeting - not enflaming and in it - (and not enflaming:) as one being 'oneself' there - one not having to resume anything

At his brother's funeral, taking his turn speaking in memory - saying again the old family notion (in him reincarnated from his father, him reincarnated in me), of his own being inferior as introverted which by that in him is sensitive comprehending, wholly free in protecting others as sublimated - which he compares as inferior to the brother being daring as 'gregarious' - when is oneself?
(So that - later defending him my saying "we" don't have to be that, 'gregarious' - "we'll" be doing something else - him almost stopping me for defending yet hearing the word "we," as only there deliberately, him comprehending as on one's own ground, is one then being free to be there -)

The apple-blossoms as tree(d) yet (as:) in air - (as if their jetting) - (yet as not from existence) - and their being there, as the only opportunity (as one - ever) - and in being oneself not from cognition

The number of beings where those motions in conflict were being made, yet that not being one, is the same as stars seen during the day
(for example: the number of beings in the one place - of living or of one's birth, then, seeing mimicry of war, as if blossoms-tree(d), which is elsewhere yet is as motions there where one is, as if it were one - after the schism in one as extreme conflict which is later serene in that one yet there - is the opportunity of being there as being from no cognition)

(as in that 'conflict' - not one - of apple-blossoms: tree(d) - (as) which is - being - yet only in spring)

A man sitting exhausted on the sidewalk in the crowd has running bloody sores on his bared legs, holds a cup. A sign beside him says that he has AIDS. They're in the warm sunlight.
It's the same as their impermanence. He speaks in a humble way. Their living can't occur being articulated in any tradition. There can't be 'tradition of one's faculties' even.

That action is all that's happening. Tapping, the greyhound was by him in the blue air. Dead Souls who goes off up on the stadium to the blasted sky the clouds float over. The officer is paying for the hot dogs holding them, comes into the garden at the Getty. The officer, who is in the air ahead of her, glinted teeth at her. She's firing at the faceless worm a ratlike puckered figure on the dead man. They're out in the blue air only. The same blue air of the stadium. The officer was angry with the woman.
Yet he knows the deaf and blind child in the limousine is hers.
The neutrality as if words are stilled there to be 'their' medium is objective as if in no terrain and if one's opal companion.

-- Leslie Scalapino


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