Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Muggy Day Muggy Mood Muggy Sex

she stands in a cup of water and insists on
washing her atheistic trends with soapy

unlike him
she is wearing a blue sarong
his green leaf
legging has yet
to be tied

henceforth three
powerhouse dancers
bruise jungle flowers
with muscularity worn over their
stealthy yet fruitful incompetence

slick. he's big
on robust fantasy
as a gaggle of ex-possible
lovers and hanger-ons
cavort greenly: thickly

exhausted after
too much too soon
he sits on the floor
holding his head
moaning about it

together they drink from
the cup of human kindness
but prefer feeding
walnuts to pigeons

she's very big
looming over
his prone

nestled now
together spent
prone backs to the ground
wet drying

are those
in bloom
sure enough and more
a ginkgo sprouting

much to be happy about
in warm weather
with a slight

-- Jeff Wietor


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