Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Memo to Joe Brainard January 1979

Date: January 9, 1979
To: Joe Brainard
From: Jeff Wietor -- Botsford Ketchum Inc.
Subject: Today

Long lean gray rapid bluish sensational rain is falling today
outside the world this morning looks like mid-evening
everybody wants to go home, back to bed, cuddle or cry

it's been raining for two days. I've been thinking of
starting a collection of canopic jars filled with rain water
and glass beads

at the desk next to me, Susan is rubber-cementing small
pieces of paper to large pieces of paper; Ron is bending
over Virginia’s desk talking about the typo's and revisions
in his letter to the California Strawberry Board;

I'm out of scotch tape. A rock from Provence holds down my desk
calendar. My pocket calculator is in need of a battery.
The coffee in my Italian, hand-painted, Picasso-esque mug:
cold. The prayer-plant to my left looks petite and perky.
I wishI were a giraffe on the Serengeti or zodiacally correct.

a train trip to LA is what I need.

is it snowing in NYC? is it rhapsodic or dismal or unseasonably warm?
did you enjoy last night? have you ever done a collage called
What A Penultimate Day It Is: twenty shades of blue and a little
paper cut-out of an okapi liquitexed dead-center?

do you have trouble paying the rent? keeping warm?

so spring-like today, so possible in the middle of winter.

enclosed please find a postcard to send to a friend.

if wishes were fishes are nets would be full.
I wish I was home, in bed with Devo.

rain rain rain
rain rain rain


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