Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Last Conversation in January 2006

I can see beyond the Universe
but I'm not so sure I understand what it is you
want me to say about it

well sure enough --
sure enough

there is no salvation without compassion for
every other

-- that a question is is enough of a question to question; that a question asks is reason enough to remain silent; that a question is the Object of the Sentence
is reason enough to remember: Memories are made of this--

I live in Gaudy Splendor
a suburb of Your Name and Mine

yet I am not organized
nor am I Organization

nor am I
remembered by those
I remember

this, made of sand, gets us into the Neighbor
territory and there
I'm lost playing a horn on a
mountain top
walking along with a thousand thousand others
unable to count unable to remember
unable to waken to walking
but I walk still

a thousand thousand do you know how
much that is
much that is needed

can you imagine playing with a thousand children
a thousand thousand children of children



Do I dare
Eat a peach?
sing a song about
eating a
or tell you
there are
no peaches
in the house.

if I tell you
it's all made of sand
are you somebody who knows what
sand Is or even
thinks in metaphor.

hopeless ain't it.

I took a picture
no you took a photo
I died
no you are still alive

today I found a waiting
waiting and understand this:
you will get lost
I happy to have found you again
It is the great secret.

Breath hands and Hands

I am not a
example of

of Being


of remembering

of you

-- Jeff Wietor


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