Monday, December 26, 2005

Step Up Huge

the game is tied at 17
several young players got to learn and grow
"it gave me a sense of confidence"
"you can put an exclamation mark on that"

"eyes I dare not meet in dreams"
he'll reportedly be fired he didn't make the plays
we haven't won that's our job to win
he's back on the sidelines

I don't care I don't dare
you can put an exclamation point on that
a violent coitus filling the cavity
with lumps of gold 2 timing me

anal aggression & eroticism: winged eagle
reading a scroll written by a bull; winged children
you can put an exclamation mark on that
he's putting miniature dolls into her: don't think: look

the story of poisoned milk: Bret Favre after
a party at some big shot's: you can place an exclamation
on that; you don't have to wait around you don't need
to remember you can come and stare at the shower of gold

you can put an exclamation on that

get it on the 6 o'clock news violent opening of maternal
barrels the good and whole mother nourishing the
good and whole infant: play ball with me.

there's a lot of junk out there but not this pure!

-- Jeff Wietor


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