Sunday, February 26, 2006

Notes of a Weekend: February 26, 2006

I have never received a letter from anyone living in Tanzania.
There's a man on TV reading a letter from someone living in Tanzania.
The letter from someone in Tanzania is a little out of sync.
The letter, a little out of sync, sounds distinguished.

The tone of the letter from someone in Tanzania being read by a man on TV sounds like a doctor wearing dirty boots or a witch painted with lipstick.

All my life you've been America's favorite hamburger
and now you want to be my dad?!

was the name of a bookstore in Milwaukee.

Damon Wayans is extremely hot! five nights a week.

Today for a while longer for me is but probably by the time you read this was February 26, 2006: event-wise, mostly it rained and I took five or six cat naps.

All the men in the Ulti-meat commercial look like gay woodsmen: big overexposed boy-men who more likely than not have sold their souls to the devil to prevent aging in the wrong spots.

I don't want him awake. He'll wake up fifty years in the future. I am experiencing certain recent memories while I am watching the man on TV reading the letter from a man in Tanzania.

February 24th was a few days ago and like a rose petal has recently floated down the river (of time)-- but you knew that, like Of Time and The River --

Once upon a time February 24th was a warm day. It's a sentence but it's also itis: Today. it surrounded by four lines is itisit or ItsIt a cookie with ice cream.
and it had to be you. or Baby It's You

most of the Tractatus is a tough cookie or
tough nut or a little
girl with a button nose that kicks butt
confident & extraordinary
not limited to propositions of natural science
or even saying what can be said --
but does say something metaphysical

heavy storms threatened
the Fat Tuesday events

Following a thought
going after a thought
so soon
too soon
so soon before I'm
too soon

mystery writers follow things: Pica or Elite

When we ordinarily follow : with closed eyes
theater, taboo, she it is, it is he, he am I.

I thought of Anthony this weekend and spent a lot of time
tracking Bakelite pencil sharpeners on eBay -- Yow! expensive.

over there sleeps
mattress mate
sun light
sunlight window

The Way: a series of colorful designs with Caran d/Ache wax crayons: two shades of gray, olive green touch of black and lots of pencil work: Mechanical Pencil
Sanford SPIKE 1.1mm lead. rare.

beyond immediate
deeper motivation
Wittgenstein, no charge, hey baby what's shaken
holds theories that
makes subject or experience

are all

can you imagine
falling asleep and
waking up
fifty years in the future?

painful isn't it.
or exciting.

I spent the weekend misfiring attempts to say something
where nothing can be said

I dreamed of making love with Frank Ramsey, and I emphasized.

I can feel the pain, the innocence; this could be a trap
you've got to get out of here. that makes me sane.
you've got to stop fighting it. you've got to accept that.


you ask me why nitrogen nodules cling to roots
and say why love, love
you would

most of the propositions
like coffee shops serve scones
and 7th Heaven starts at Eight
and Pumpkin, I'd rather not carry the extra weight
and look closely at your hand to see the future
and nobody teaches the future like we do
and extend the moment into the night at Cache Creek
and fill your pockets with next Sunday
and for god's sake accept the fact New Orleans is a Dead City
and actors don't talk with their face but speak through their mouths
and avoid answering the phone when it rings
and we experience our sensation but speak of objects
and the world does not alter
but comes to an end
culminate in a simple state:

I've been there but like
being unable to remember when I
played my last game of Tic Tac Toe
only know now:

Secondary events:
phones still rang
we ate popcorn at Thrillers
such & stuff & this & that
& skin and shoes
Norwegian loafers


I plan a series of
grids with simple statements of dots and
X forms and pencil etches

make a few test drawings and work up to
a world that does
not alter
but comes
to an end --

a series of Xs and Os
while the phone rings

I also spend much of the weekend
thinking about picturing
or at best envisioning
the proper F in February
the more stylized F like a cactus
or finding rhymes that sound
natural and exciting for knucklehead

it's language itself that casts doubt

the world we live in is the world
of sense-data
but the world we
talk about is the
world of
physical objects

I wish I didn't know
about time,
can't be said.

1. statements about direct observation
2. an ensemble cast
3. join some newcomers.
4. learn to forgive but not enough to trust others
5. whenever you come around family you can find love
6. people will believe anything if it sounds right even if it's wrong.
7. you've got to remember death is an event we don't live through

is a perfect name
for a rock and roll band
because it's graphically pure

observation propositions to
two-dimensional sections through a hypothetical
three-dimensional body
is a certain way to express emotional tension

Build then Release:
draw water, boil water pour water over tea leaves

what a beautiful building that is on TV
alive with the flavor of nature


bamboo leaf.
cherry blossoms in sake
for goodness sake

In 1920 the sky had a new story to tell
a clear statement is the best question.
Chess: going quietly mad
levels of

They're all over 2 meters
with Flat Stomachs
rowers from a British University.

a note of his construal

nonsense: to believe in anything not given in experience.

The Smartones
semitone psychopaths
Benny & the Jets
how big a mug I am
make sense.
phenomenal world of experience
Secondary: physical world of material objects

hustle or electric slide
penny loafers or bell bottoms

articulate the structure of the primary world:
articulate the structure of Experience
articulate the structure of
Primary World
articulate the structure of experience
Structure of Experience
what a joy
what happened
what a joy: the attempted: what happened

I was lost I was found
I was a Japanese floral arrangement
Structure: Invisible

set out to articulate the
structure of the Primary World (Experience)

a paradoxical place
where our ordinary concepts
of Objects
Self & Temporality
no longer apply

make your expectation of what happens
with the structural model: Now

make your expectations of what happens
with structural model of now

the Structure of Now. what is invisibly holding
events together

Immediate Experience & physical propositions we produce
e.g. marks on a page, vibrations in the air

"I don't know my way about."

our language has an underlying
structure; philosophy elucidates that structure

there's no debating truth
as a matter of fact.

Part Two

I never met
I feel I just
Feel complete
feel completely

red tape

don't use
the word:


what you hear of
what you know of

Bakelite Scotty Dog
Pencil Sharpener
hypnotic plastic

Swiss Hermes Streaming Video
Online new AT&T delivered
Hi How ya doin
Called down to the #5
I've got to take this other call
Vintage Green Scotty Dog Figural
Pencil Sharpener -- Bakelite
Red Yellow Orange Butterscotch
Learn the Secret of Making Millions
Stop Dreaming Start Doing Call Now
Double Your Refund or a Million Other Prizes
Emphasize Prices Emphasize Prizes Emphasize Emphasize
What's a matter you seem a little down
Well maybe not down -- reflective

Two months ago: Christmas day
Sanford 1.1mm lead SPIKE drawings on white paper

What a Face!
Ace hat

Why did you ----
I couldn't wake you ----
Meet the Deedles ---
Paul Walker's new movies
you can't keep facing your demons
you have to run away eventually

Pierre Cardin mechanical pencil.
Huge hugs
I got this drip

Tom Welling what is
ordinary I'd never imagine him there
of all people
I knew you'd understand
If I were anyone else's son
there's more to opera than singing
I don't want you making a hasty instinctual move
good to have you back, son
it's not the place
it's the face

purgatory mansion

I made my way into one of the broken wings

you certainly have arranged the sky well

I was confused

you weren't yourself

I chose to let that part of my self out

I wanted this so much

I'm not -- this will never stay put

Conversational Incense

Chat cat I is a pronoun
ego's a subject

we fail to be struck by what once
seen is most striking and powerful

a couple of storms coming in from the artic
and from the sub-tropics

rain producer: hot and cold

Winter's Returning

New Orleans on the news.
someone tell them: the city's
broken, the flesh of the body of the city's been destroyed
it's covered in mold the structures demolished
full of worms and rotting dogs and cats
roses have been ripped up the humidity's chewing
what's left into decay; the city's food for Mother Nature

when that happens to a body it's called a dead body

the vegetation which took four hundred years to grow
is gone
tangled mold dissolution storms and clouds and wind coming in

hanging on to Indigo.

the music diaspora has begun

you can rebuild but you can't revive what was
what was is no longer there and
fabricating what was is called
not the same thing not the same at all not at all
the city has passed into a thousand thousand thousand dispersed memories
no one wants to say so they just say
we can have it back
they can't have it back in this life time
in the next life time or the next or the next.
the clouds and the wind are indigo.

Part Three

50 foot Calvin Klein
underwear ad

problem: sadistic, bitter, empty
hide your money in a teapot
what is it gonna take

what if they
Peter Gray
be fearless and call today
I lost him in the sun
our pride gets us talking
favorite bartenders I have known

there's no "J" in Hebrew
no J sound

who took the photo

do you know what the word


he's a sensation
a real reconciliation

I'll buy you a cashmere coat.

they want to do:


affections &

levels of bingo
levels of being

Ananda, don't eat the blanket, ok?
don't eat the bulls and bears
don't eat the dollar sign, ok?
don't eat Sunday Morning,

everybody's watching

she's been after me.
weeknights at 6
it's not a music video
lives that breed anger
ranked #2 in the country

making them forget the badness
with fatal consequences
ok. safe. overwhelming -- concentration

Matthew 8

they'll make me laugh. harmfully
they'll accept me. sometimes.
don't worry about things. so much.

I still have the rest of my life
of me

sheep in the midst of wolves

let the dead bury their dead

Beams & Motes
he felt a warm trickle


Where Did Tonight Begin

-- Jeff Wietor


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