Monday, November 14, 2005

I Do Not See a Sonnet on the Ceiling

I do not see a sonnet on the ceiling.
Turns out no one can.
The rhythms become most exuberant in the afternoon.
Will I see you again sentences.

The sadness

turn the page of the newspaper; imbibe imbalance:
mugged winningly during a brightly sung "Lament of the Roast Swan"
sang with forthright athleticism

of this passing autumn --

the #1 Movie in America: Chicken Little
Dare to See it: Saw II
Spellbinding, gripping, suspenseful: Derailed
two thumbs up: Zathura
Hilarious: Prime
two thumbs up: Jarhead

who to talk it out with?

A 15-year-old asked how a young kid can break into the music industry.
"It's who you know."


Oh, oh, oh,
totus floreo,
iam amore virginali
totus ardeo,
novus, novus amor
est, quo pereo.

A Masterwork. Breathtaking.

Gregory Popovich from the Moscow Circus
performs with animals
at the Napa Opera House

Researchers from the University of Zurich have named a newly discovered species of lemur after the British comedian, John Cleese, in honor of his work with the animal.

A demon can't handle human emotions.

a basket of wild spinach picked

An aquarium was the television set of the 19th century

Pesky or pretty?
Pigeons, parrots have their devotees.
Puzzles appear on page 62.

A baritone lives in the apartment down the hall.
I imagine a baritone singing shaving lathered before his mirror.
It's not about money, it's about singing.


Oh! Oh! Oh!
I am bursting out all over!
I am burning all over with first love!
New, new love is what I am dying of!

heading home at twilight.

Oil's skid pumps stocks up.
In 1997 I owned 1,500 shares of PIXAR.

Why David doesn't know enough to return the Bogomolov is unknown to me.
Why doesn't David know he should take the trouble to return the Bogomolov.
Irksome to me knowing David doesn't concern himself and return the Bogomolov.
Why I don't call David about returning the Bogomolov gnaws at me. I know that.

One is often bewitched by a word. For example, by the word "know".
There is something universal here; not just something personal.

Whippersnappers & jackanapes & other rapscallions looking for relief.
Dove chocolate & Ivory soap & Cal's swim team create silky smooth moments.

While working as a secretary for Botsford Ketchum advertising I met Lord Lichfield in 1977; he died Friday. Peter Drucker, died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles. Moustapha Akkad, the Syrian-born filmmaker and producer of the "Halloween" horror movie franchise, died Friday from wounds sustained in the triple hotel bombings in Jordan.

Lynda: Now when we get inside, Annie will distract Lindsey and we go upstairs to the first bedroom on the right. Got it?
Bob: First I rip your clothes off...
Lynda: Don't rip my blouse, it's expensive you idiot!
Bob: Then I rip my clothes off, then I rip Lindsey's clothes off, yeah I think I got it.

Hi. I was just calling you.
Are you still mad at me?
Each of us is here for but a brief sojourn, for what purpose he knows not, though sometimes thinks he senses it -- particularly in a strong economic growth.

Sitting on a sandy beach looking out at a plethora of pines.
The conifers come right down to the shore.
The lake is home to smallmouth bass.
It's a great spot.
How often do you see a bald eagle?
I see one about once a week.
A bald eagle fly-by is a beautiful sight.

Grooming Ananda in the heat of the day.

There is something universal here; not just something personal.

One is often bewitched by a word. For example, by the word "know".

-- Jeff Wietor


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