Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Talk of Independence

boys lie
they tell you anything they want
to get you into

a language of their own
consisting entirely of

what was it I wanted
to remember this morning
that I've now forgotten

how did I happen to end up
looking like Anthony Hopkins

spending the day
concerned about knowing
knowledge & understanding

being in new ways
new concerns
fresher more alert reasonings

tickled by a cat hair
spinning a gold ring
on my finger

inexperienced in the ways
of making things happen and
forgetting my lines

contemplating the order of need:
pencil paper rock
scissors cat window rhubarb

understudy telephone soup
Korean BBQ dark stuff in your past
I don't know something subtle

you know I'm able to read &
comprehend I'm learning that
you must imagine an expansion to

this language; these, this; the
pointing gesture --
cleaning his ears with a Ticonderoga 2

a new feeling today:
being in the past just like it is
now, that sort of backward experience

or believing you're telling me the
truth only when you lie to me
or being close to "the family"

because you're somehow in command
of position & fear the experience of
feeling because you'll be sunburned

countless elucidations shine
shine like the star you are --
you're Romeo not Hamlet with questions

-- Jeff Wietor


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