Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cherry Trees in Winter

how do I know
I have spoken
to myself in pain:

it's winter yet I can see
cherry trees along
McAllister blossom

is he the person who will paint memory

in bed by dawn
sweat soaked aubade
Vertigo. falling. raining.

because the man in Hollywood who
says he's a Circuit Boy
misspells himself

he's flailing

a circus boy

rain all day

he's ink on canvas: a cityscape
of rain and bottled water
bleeding lines

to make the day longer
he convinces himself
he's blue

a child remembers
it says that it does

one glimpse of
what he brings to words
passes by pink

he's falling
he's flailing
he's blossomed

rain wet emptiness
rain soaked weary
frightened cries

the man in Hollywood
who believes he's a Circut Boy
misspelling himself:

a circus boy
a plan in rain
he's fragile

loud rain
grow closer looser

I claim you
wake make love
a circus toy

"he neglects that
which goes
without saying"

-- Jeff Wietor


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