Thursday, January 12, 2006

Conversation Fandangos

Mason speaking freely:
Miu Miu what do you mean by "poisoned milk".
Miu Miu eagerly:
emotion gone bad.

Like a lioness the sun
Like a hawk the moon.

How will I fuse all these objects into a single object,
Adam says to Whit.

Remember Mason says to Miu Miu: objects are what we know, mean and think.

Miu Miu, her hair capturing sunlight:
and things are what we experience, see and can describe.

Whit insists that the immediate situation is where things happen and sometimes
refuses to believe Adam when Adam says he doesn't understand what states
of affair make him possible or rather makes it possible for him to love Mason.

In many ways these four people (4) are really two (2).
Only in the fabulousness of fully hate do they separate partially.

It's all so common says Miu Miu.

Yes, says Mason but we all live as though we have a secret understanding.

Adam says we need to find a thread out of the world.

Whit feels that which is not expressed through speech but
that by which speech is expressed is the best Club in town.

-- Jeff Wietor


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