Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why You Should Study Algebra

all right, all of you hurts; let the wash go undone.
"I don't think repeat performance is what you're looking for"

this single quality unable to speak, for starters: to reflect upon
different pens, various moods, blunderbuss states; no comments please.

there's no proper procedure: live that quality; that spoken juncture;
you're moving quickly, superseding memory with a tousled bewilderment.

here now obtains; obliquely alone; reminded of you: "I don't know if
I can handle this crowd" To keep the ring you want to give away.

Ideally, you'd like some new search, view, aim: more difficult situation.
Imprudent, you can believe what you already know, you are about to speak.

we are in, we are out, it's doubt trailing us: "stand aside, blackguard"
broken glass, torn shirt. you're walking knee deep and driven wild.

no time to think, a simple stopping at a single place. emptiness.
these troubles have no circumference, enough to see, to hear: requisite.

recesses of the "heart" chewing ice cubes, all those troubles becoming
quiet. face it, face it, words don't count: astray by love, led.

you're something else, you're leaving your self alone. juicy is the other
with sunlight, with sunlight, shadow; with lunar eclipse, landscape.

a demolition team has been sent to experiment with explosives upon
your emotional structure; there-in your acquired wish comes true: to feel.

to feel felt there's no time to think. a simple recess of the heart.
ideally quiet, you're walking knee deep, torn shirt, obliquely alone.

a master hidden, stillness quelled, no matter the doorman's algebraic
rules are instinctual, not given to public announcement; brush your hair.

tonight acquainted with you, dealing in some way, she sees you, she
says, "I worry" she's the waitress in a window-walled room.

music sweet as glue, silent, quarter-less, falling short of speech,
vestigial, even eyes, too many tilts, habitually for sure afraid.

lights there now upon the astral plane, nights wild fill with winter rain.
desires, attachments, and insecurities: I don't know only fear.

z the talisman, y the bard, x the unknown, w the glass, v the forgotten, w, this,
the flow, t the ordinary, s the urge, r the personality,

q the difficult, p the loss, o the distract, n the unclear, m the conversation,
l the gone, k the home, j the pause, i the situation, h the stay,

g the schedule, f the that, e the companion, d the name borrowed,
c the storm, b the wait, a the sleep. there-in explosives set.

-- Jeff Wietor


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