Thursday, January 05, 2006

After Conversation Conversation

I'm in need of cash.
I am not on the road to success.
In eighteen months I will have less than I had 18 months previously.
I have nothing to put up as security.
I have no sense of security and often feel threatened by life.
I would sue but I do not know who to sue or sue who for what.
I do not know the answer to "what do you want".
My relationship compels me to ask tight questions of friends.
I never get anything in writing for fear it will be used against me.
I don't know how much money I owe or need to borrow to repay what I borrowed.
I have considered moving to Phoenix.
I have no idea how I will get to Phoenix.
I don't drive.
I don't have a girl friend.
I don't have a boy friend.
I make new people angry quickly, repeatedly.
I let days go by without wondering how I will repay my loans.
I don't have an option of flight.
Dude, I had all these expenses.
Everything breaks down. I have proof.
I've never been violent before.

A lot of times I feel I've missed the boat.

-- Jeff Wietor


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