Sunday, December 25, 2005


I pondered and wondered
I need hardly explain why
I happened to come upon

I cannot do more than I can
I will do my best to make lucid
I had profited by their wisdom

I had gained a deal more
I may say that
I was granted a passport

I was not able, alas
I did
I came to realize

I am glad
I have realized Life
I want to rouse you

I am born
I have grown
I asked

I vision is
I would have you
I read this

I felt a heave
I feel like resigning
I say

I admit
I would
I know

I wrote
I found
I was

I read
I say
I turned

I was
I must
I have

I have
I had
I recaptured

I wrote
I sang
I want

I have
I have
I am

I put out
I do not mean
I have never

I do mean
I have not let it leave
I want to see you

I am at a loss
I consider myself a
I feel

I claim
I feel
I will not find

I love
I do not adhere
I see in it

Do you know what I think?
I do not believe that
Nor do I believe that

I myself do not think
I thrilled
I will confine myself

I have myself borne witness
I have avoided
I would have to propound

I studied
I write about these questions
I need not plead

I am going to suggest
I add
I have revealed

I have experienced
I possess
I say "seems"

I asked him
I learned
I brooded sadly

I felt a little
I feel
I will answer

I have felt a pain
I have expressed many
I felt blessed

I said to myself

Andham tamah pravishanti ye avidyam upasate
Tato bhuya iva te tamo ye u vidyayam ratah

-- Jeff Wietor


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