Monday, January 23, 2006

Miu Miu Says Why She's Thinking About Suicide

Not because it's cold and rainy today & I'm in a cozy
office in Oakland; not because I don't understand a Thing!! about
Any of the Tasks at hand; not because the sound of people's voices seem
distant and far away & certainly not because I'm hungry for Mango
flavored ice cream.

What warms my heart my soul and my craving which used to turn itself to
discos, dances, warm flesh & electronic music is this:

just to close my eyes and realize what it means to
rest in peace.

The next time you're asked: what do you envision yourself doing for
work & you say: to be creatively involved with ideas and materials; to
do "good" & communicate with people & you hear in response: no really,
what kind of job do you really want.

consider not being alive as a better answer.
& drowning in despair
because the inability to be specific
is killing you

-- Jeff Wietor


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