Friday, September 02, 2005

People Politic Remembering Peter Gray

eastern sky false dawn
toying with a band of gold
do I still pay the flat rate
how do you know it's not raining

Bruce says they're insulated with money
Peter has a lot of "the poet" in him
Like Mason, nothing is ever "good enough"
David no longer works here

below a young man. a sensitive.
how do you say "toy" in French.
palomino breeze against the flat sky
Liliana, by phone, says "Paul is coming"

money arrives from an unexpected source.
Insistence. He was a silent partner.
Lenny's talking about Peasant Pies off 24th.
Peter said he was over & I was running around

like a freight train. 2 butter cookies and
a green apple. I pretended to myself it
didn't matter. the weather looks blue
then looks white then the winds begin.

a sad night. a pizza. desire to establish
a relationship. what did you expect Peter to
do. fall in love? don't exaggerate. is there
a secret. I imagine he is Somebody.

they'd rather see personality & strength where I
see you. Scott says: "get tickets for a
Mid-Summer you'll love it" Took a nap. Adam
seems curt of late. what is outside of here.

Peter talks about his blue and white and blue
sandy subtle dream. he woke up while I was
watching Perry Mason. last night I woke up and
looked at him and wasn't sure who was sleeping.

Peter's defect: Jeff's ruin. what does it mean
"only the horse can pull the carriage?" a long
time ago he had plants, lots of plants, a bathroom
full of plants a kitchen full of plants.

Peter stole all the Oscar Peterson, Leonard Cohen,
Anonymous 4, Bach Cello Suites & Brandenburgs &
Tallis Singers & Billie Holliday & Irish fiddle &
Gregorian Chant & Paul Simon in the Park & left a note:

"I'll see you tonight". forgiveness is an odd
concept when I'd rather scream him to death.
the "O" sound of hollow. the hollow bowl like
a birthday. Spring Comes On The World.

lots of Rain, lots of Peter. I tear up drawings.
Peter is the etch-a-sketch of emotion. "every
excess is a mistake" but nothing succeeds more.
ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring

"I'm sending you over, I won't play the sap"
a notable heart-throb. a movie-star face.
when you don't know how to end a poem
round up the more unusual suspects

-- Jeff Wietor


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