Friday, January 26, 2007

Never Mind the Shape, Look at the Color

I haven't been here
I haven't been around
I haven't not been here

over there

nowhere not possible
hidden from sight
wait for the moonlight

waiting for the moonlight
would be better
but in what direction

about an orange line
a white line
make a general statement

point to the color
and not to the shape
never mind the shape

he's wearing green today
not a jacket
he's thick as a cloud

a diamond painted blue
a ruby painted blue
a frisbee in the garden

I haven't been anywhere
I haven't gone anywhere
I haven't seen you

this life took place
taking place
finding my place

in the world
the shape of things to come
at every turning

a red brick
a gray brick
an ornate roof line

having been here
I've been nowhere
having been longer

seen coming home
wait for moonlight
half a moonlight

I too have a pastness feeling
There is something further about it
what do you call that?

-- jeff wietor


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