Friday, January 06, 2006

Small Talk

I miss work a lot.
I spend pre-dawn morning worrying over things.
I don't know what happened: you have such a heart-face.
I can't tell or describe the objects around me.
I'm a good friend to people in expensive situations.
I don't understand what states of affairs involve.
I'd like to not feel I have poor circulation in my legs.
I experience a certain heaviness in my legs when I walk.
Nothing is cheap everything is free.
When I talk with people I get to a point where nobody asks anymore questions.
Alone we come alone we leave.
You probably believe I kiss differently than other people.
When I miss work I like driving around the city.
All morning I dream about not having to park.
Objects surround me yet I feel so out of touch.
How is it possible to be in excess.
Imagine if in this life everything were the same except
Outer space consisted of no things.
Switch places with me.
This is my technique, you can't learn it.
I'm four minutes younger than my brother.
I am not as cagey as my brother.
Nothing is simple to me.
Tomorrow is based on trusting him with no nonsense.
I have no good reason to feel big insurance companies are my friend.
I could describe the London Plane Tree outside the window but not now.
I'm mostly "in it" for the pleasure but recently it's been nothing but pain.
I consider aches to be pain.
I do nothing I love.

-- Jeff Wietor


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