Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hermes 3000

My thoughts aflutter today
fixated on getting the Hermes 3000
fixed scrubbed rubbed oiled

agonized: my feelings --
dogged dreamish fractious
fueling my dreams feeding
my four-leaf clover ambitious wishes --

the whole mental construct
frangible as dried spaghetti
a broken freight train with
frequent stops a milk train of
memory a free and easy foray into
maybe this time maybe this time
the machine will dance with
the highlights of imagination
and two-step the fragments of poetry
into a rag-time frieze of perfect pitch --
chocked with Balanchinesque movement

but why why why get the Hermes 3000
fixed rub-a-dub repaired squeaky-clean
to hear the clack clack music the clack
in three-quarter time; to hear the magical
staccato Morse Code of making poems
with the beat beat beat of that ole
alphabetical rhythm each
stroke put down sensually
a little romantic interlude of fancy
harking back to the gone with the wind
days of setting type by hand: I imagine "Yes"
as if I with Gutenberg were in the same room
and the smell of ink and paper and
well polished gears and keys and the
free lance nature of listening as well
as dreaming of thinking out loud
and playing the alphabet equated to
pounding aurora borealis rhythms on a drum
and Geofroy Tory busied himself
designing resplendent letters of the alphabet
in the far corner and time & artisans
were alive again for a while a little
as if now was then and then again

who knows why or when or what
I just want to:

Hermes 3000 repairmen are
hard to find
& going to a place called
Apollo Typewriter Repair
over the Parnassus Heights hill
out on Taraval

does have a ring to it.


more later.
I'm on an adventure
sunny and autumnally summery in
San Francisco today


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