Thursday, August 25, 2005

with Breughel

with Breughel everything matures

star saturated here & now throughout night
oranges & lemonade strawberry pie banana
cream morning sun showers distant thunder
great showers torrid muggy summer fairs

all of that speaks to him at the same time, discreetly

to smooth them feel them does and doesn't talk
loose hair tongued teeth amazement the strength
train engines legs wrapped around him rain lovely
the muggy nights smell of wet towels corn fields

how can he perceive all the leaves of the trees

high atop the Ferris wheel I felt something go
through me falling into the neon roses the neon glow
those shadows along the lake I who shall be in him
powerless amazed weltering in the heat very serious

torpid summer has its odor of hay and of sweat

I stand there at the dull-as-a-devil house of mirrors
waiting remembering a moment of winter in the stark
darkness of lethargy muggy damp in a new madras shirt
wondering where stars come from from whence tonight

living in each one of the atoms whose obscure functioning assures harmony

barefoot a little troubled about the two headed goat
the bearded unicorn the every now and then moist thoughts
I hold dearly the beauty of things washing hair pouring down
soap I touched his hair as he rose from the pool awash

attracted toward it as they were

broiling clouds massed moving fast flap flags picnic
with his new white bucks reading that summer: Swamp Fox
basking in the sun I could see his chest sunbathing the blood
flowed firm a source of joy like breathing tickling him

a sumptuous and fraternal accompaniment for the scenes in the foreground

he ever dreamt in the summer lethargy time ticking away sounds
loose caboose in the freight yard his grandfather moose hunting
up North soft moccasins blooming squash feet bare trod the long
morning grass beads of sweat napping but not asleep on a towel

earth flows over one like a strong, slow wave

trains again passing on the other side of town more than
stimulation more than beauty he whistles the tune from Bridge On
The River Kwai sunburned in the tent in the middle of night
watching with the lights out a mosquito the smell of warm canvas

with equal interest

Mark in new Bermuda shorts; Bobby in new white shoes;
Mark with silver blond hair; Bobby with fresh muscled arms;
Mark an acrobat blue as Picasso; Bobby like a rose owl dream.
Beethoven piano in the morning; Beethoven piano all day long.

so much mystery, submitting simply to the rhythm of the seasons

cows grazing just outside of town; a bat swoops through elm tree
shadow; summer rowing in the mist roving over a northern woods
lake deep reverberations of a loon shocks morning air;
sitting so still we created the world from silence the magic

carpeted in summer with warm grass

mouthwatering rhubarb stringy wet juice slurpy trembles
mowing grandmother's lawn mower blades shearing
grass emerald bright cuttings along the north side of the house
tidy forest of tiger lilies breakfast: eggs, go snip chive

-- Jeff Wietor


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