Monday, September 26, 2005

Lettering to Catch Your Eye

generate the most pleasure.

rather than misleading you

special lettering will leave you breathless.

front hard outside window
outside open air do one's duty;
due, entitled to, with a right

where does it come from.

the sum of its parts

responding here to a question.

Chris Ofili: the leaves appear
heavily lacquered
they look like wedding pictures

light bulb in Guernica

familiarity with Picabia

anonymous art from thrift shops

it's art that's lost its memory
a 3-d equivalent of the film Bambi
only without the graphics

shut up

you shut up

no you shut up

magenta, red, peach, aubergine,
sea green, sienna, chrome green
& cobalt blue

pulling things together by

a kind of invisible fine-tuning

"I was reminded of Odysseus"

accept the full horror of being
trapped in someone else's narcissism
it's fun to read art diaries

no memories today
I can't remember my middle name
I have no more questions; you may step down

-- Jeff Wietor


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