Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beaver Moon

beaver moon full juice --
it didn't fool him, of course,
but did make him mad

lemme smell your breath --
you have to step on bunions
to wake a zombie

don't think I'm kidding --
look outside at the full moon
no, I'm not kidding

some of them "got it"
and started writing haiku --
from gut responses

some of the others
just went up in flames and quit --
sunset upon them

he paid for the right
to write about moon phases
by staying awake

stop playing to the crowd --
give it a new name, call it
Django, Django Moon


Oiseaux des Iles


Rhythm Futur



full big banger moonlight lookin good this evening.
in your face rubbing noses with Ananda: penetrating --
it's been twenty minutes how long does it take you to put on jeans?
overhanging bulbous fawning peach turning to pumpkin
the old man haiku writer walks around with a cane bloated w/moonlight
lonesome housewife in the suburb somewhere USA writes a haiku about:
moonlight: my daughter twiddles her thumbs -- cut the onion
a bewildered Serbian can't re-write the haiku of the ages fast enough
snails link up in a long chain during transference of sexual energy
like a daisy chain of on-line haiku writers weekend writers
bangles babbles baubles butt-kissing praises prizes awards & what
does it matter they melt in the morning sun; they were just vampires
after the immortally fresh blood of basho issa buson shiki anyway.

-- Jeff Wietor


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