Monday, January 30, 2006

Adam Dreams of Shane

Something within us perceives Venus as
A morning star: a planet rising in
The east over the hills through the hills
Over the clouds through the sky;
In waking and in dream
To have no hope in the future gives
Consistency to the present
Alan Ladd knew that.

We mount the horse and become afraid
Of height afraid of the huge animal
Supporting our fragile weight afraid of the surge of
Potential power afraid of having no
Control over this thing this alive
Beast this natural mode of transportation.
Jean Arthur knew that.

The objects in this world: devoid of consciousness
Ignorant of the eventual backward
Movement of flesh to water of bones to
Earth of mind to air; & the intonation of
The voice (we will miss especially) retreats as
This profound sorrow of decision-making ceases.
Van Heflin knew that.

What he remembers through seeing
What he realizes not knowing
What within us perceives
Becomes what the boy wants
The boy craves.

-- Jeff Wietor


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