Monday, January 02, 2006

Mason Reflects on Conversational Poise: Remarks

Mason looks out the window. I must find a word that's more dynamic than look he says to himself. Miu Miu will want to know what I'm looking at. Will she want to know how I'm looking.

I want to have a conversation with you. Miu Miu you're really magnificent. Only you would try to express the unutterable utterly.

Some conversations come easier than others: Can you think of an example.

While looking out the window Mason notices there are only three leaves on the branch of the tree.

What kind of tree is this. Where, precisely, is it? A London Plane Tree. A street tree. A street ornamental. We'll return to this.

While looking through the window Mason looks at the window.

As Mason looks at the window-glass he notices his reflection in the glass of the window.

Mason treats Miu Miu like a ladder. Oh, Mason she croons, I wish you'd say something that can't be said. You insist on always saying nothing but what can be said and you say it so rarely.

There is a nudge here: is there anything important involved with observing and/or observation?

Miu Miu notices Mason looking out the window.
"Mason are you looking at yourself again"

"let's go for pancakes"

Does this have anything to do with the Bogart/Bacall movie: The Big Sleep.

Unable to concentrate on the color of his eyes Mason turns to look at Miu Miu as she sits comfortably watching television.

How can I touch your heart she thinks.

I'm Captain Cool on a journey to the stars Mason hears a cartoon character proclaim from the television.

"ok. pancakes and eggs"

Mason loves searching for the twinkle in his eyes which means he feels sincerely the twinkle in his voice. Feels -- he projects sincerely his sincere twinkle

I miss you even when we're in the same room Miu Miu thinks quietly to herself.

A passing thought.

A brief interlude.

even the applause-o-meter is crying Mason hears a character say from the tv.

if I had more energy we could go to a movie.

do you want to see Brokeback Mountain or Hostel?

Are you kidding?

I want to see how Ang Lee makes me cry says Mason.

I'm not about to sit through two hours of having my finger nails ripped off, Miu Miu purrs.

are you hungry yet?

have you noticed how Jerry Bruckheimer's name seems to be everywhere? how about Glory Road? The photography looks good. Wide. artsy basketball.

Michael phoned earlier. He said there was a bomb threat at the Starbucks on Van Ness at Bush. A real bomb. At least it looked like a real bomb. I bet it was an art project.

Did he say who left it. Or how they found it?

It's nice he's staying in touch since the party.

We have plenty of time apart.

Is he still dreaming about writing a best selling porno novel?

Hello I was just talking to you.

I'm tired tonight. Miu Miu makes a goofy face and rubs her stomach indicating hunger.

Do you think anyone will ever ask if we're a happy couple.

Only the metro-sexuals says Miu Miu.

Mason reluctantly looks up from filing his finger nail: I'm aware of my name. I'm aware of your name. I know nothing about how windows are made. I feel limited.

Miu Miu chides: You know what they say about men who carefully file their fingernails, don't you.

I can imagine.

Come on. Let's go for pancakes.

Let's have conversation about signs and symbols.

Think again.

-- Jeff Wietor


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