Friday, January 20, 2006

Still Life of a Conversational Legend w/5 Red Apples

5 4s 6 2s 7 Bs
23 grays 15 blue Cs
521 yellow Zs 4 Rs

29 red electric 228s
a 423 silver E
1 January 20th 2006

15 2s w/yellow green Fs
blue 22s at 71 or 403
78 or 33 or 45 white 7s

Indigo 8 with 19 1001s
14 CDs 15 B52s Ruddy
R128 Lj5s; Mx Blue

There is one way of avoiding
at least partly
the occult appearance of

the process of thinking
& it is
to replace in these processes

any working of the
imagination by acts of
looking at real objects

-- Jeff Wietor


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Relations and properties are objects too.