Monday, November 27, 2006

from: The Tango

some are

standing or curling rose — is not — rose (they rose)


subjectivity/language is — the delicate food system
disturbed famine reappears — ?
were killed practicing in the monasteries — shipped
to labor, dying, trains shipping them, ringed in by barbed
wire haul on dam sites tunnels exhaustion famine in lines.
the same figure repeated everywhere changes it there as if
changed by not either from within or without that


if the back’s constructed — and moves the light — is
subjectivity/language only — they’re not ‘speaking’
that is ‘speaking’ — social — both

subjectivity/language constructed also and those men
move the light — so —
social isn’t anything? there — walking — either


moon rose — that is — appears to
moon rose
on or resting on mountain’s top — edge
horizon —
men’s delicate backs standing move — is separate —
from them
there at all — both


future — movement
is ‘not’ night — or
‘in’ ‘night’ — either yet
ahead — so there are not functions ever


the man standing and curling while the backs lying.
— in the place.
social — (is ‘getting along with’ people only?) or one
"doesn’t get along with people" — is functions only
(someone makes that occur — by ostracism —
one has no function then)


the man has kindness — is standing lying — or at
night curling
one holds his back
at ‘night’ — ?


must ‘accept’ death of others. — except them. except
him. (can’t) is them him also.

at ‘night’ any night is can’t


day. moon. rose. — is on a mountain -is one’s own
back — is any night — ( isn’t the same as night)
is can’t. their separation is there.


the flesh is not asleep while one’s sleeping. at any
time? -- no difference between ‘apprehension’ —
it’s the same in one?
— blossoming trees — outside — or ‘there not being
memory at all’ if the flesh is not asleep ever
or that’s rest as not sleeping
the relation between ‘no memory occurring’ ever
(only constructing — thought as motion — in anyone — is
and the flesh not asleep ever (even while one’s
sleeping) is blossoming trees ‘outside’, that is also


the relation between the dog’s crushed back and its
apprehension isn’t by itself even. both.

crushed isn’t by itself — either skittering from side of
hurtling car on flimsy countryside


some friend wanted faceless mother slaves. whatever
not to speak, is social as people being functions? they
‘think’ it is — not to see people’s faces — there — is no
inclination on their part.
— duty — is nothing — no functions as one. both.
is wasting — wanting — speaking — social

one’s subjectivity/ language is one’s back’s motion


he says — one suffering as is inferior then (free of
suffering being itself bliss, i.e. ‘indication’ that one is free)
and ‘that one is free’

(though it could just be — ‘materialism’ — social
acceptability. acting and speaking as ‘free of suffering’ being
that: social acceptability only)
but everyone is suffering — they’ve been killed

people’s feelings, one’s sufferings, is there wild. moon
rose and is people’s feelings wild
one’s suffering, one’s kindness — is ‘isn’t the same as


hemmed in streaming — being attached — as
conception also —
others streaming being attacked — all over the place
— she says ‘it’s never happened to her’
isn’t hemmed in streaming walking — there is no
‘outside’ — ?

she’s so protected — ‘it’s never happened to her’ —
and it’s everywhere — there’s no place. —


as their sense that ‘the flesh itself isn’t anything’ as
opposing others et al

then it’s only one — in their ‘social’ realm — neither,
as there’s no memory et al — and the flesh’s ‘memory of
being free’ ‘as’ ‘there’


— one’s subjectivity/language is their or one’s motion
only there?
seeing being only a motion even (in walking, say)

one has no back — yet. — not even ‘in’ ‘night’ —
not even past movements’ ‘night’ — either and is
future ‘nights’
where (?) no movement of one’s occurs — future is
same as one’s motions without extension now

one’s motion ahead — is only one now — nights rose


to find something out — one’s motions without
extension in this place — not even — past movements’
extension now —either — nights rose.

forward into a motion where?
subjectivity/language constructed also and moves the
light — so — social isn’t ‘anything’ ? — there. — walking —


he’s walking — hemmed in streaming — being

in the flesh not ever being asleep while (one’s)
sleeping — hemmed in streaming — also

at ‘night’ any night is can’t — he’s/one’s ‘outside’ in it
— both

-- Leslie Scalapino


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