Friday, February 16, 2007

Amethystine Valentines


make haste slowly sacred fire // ethics of the voice
it's early afternoon // get on with it quickly
how is it possible // to be only one short


not eternal: impure pain // happiness: knowledge
what power in consciousness // power to see that
an important question arises here // your own dead body


one could say "his swan song" // voice was just one part
language as an echo // form of experience
but I cannot describe // cover over one eye


a story about Indra // and Virochana
coccyx hammer scapula // ilium stirrup
les animaux de la ferme // make a sounding


you are bright and witty // anxious groaning blaring
the sound of shofar // who could only echo
called upon to speak // fear of death clinging to life


What does thinking actually involve //utterance
Where does the voice come from // a response to that
thinking is a response // to that mute voice


say yes to great skin // you thought nature said no
change in the winter air // your thoughts your seduction
I don't want to be eclipsed // I must admit that


how do you picture // a mire of oblivion
I ask him about // spelling out the solution
lines of poetic meter // voice the call the cry


don't object so much // not coming into contact
Pythagoras became the object // of a cult
no matter what he's thinking // voice behind the screen


he wore apple blossoms // at the end of the day
February rain storms // everything feels unreal
the other of the Other // nothing going on


they wait they'll have to wait // the crucial question is
see the transformation // verified by women
anti-aging complex // acts deep in skin's surface


the correct and interesting thing // to say is
fire destroys things completely // follow it inside
thinking means speaking // in one's imagination

-- Jeff Wietor


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