Friday, October 07, 2005

Northern Wisconsin

red deer night alone sunrise forest pines highway road alone night sunrise deer sunrises behind deer sunrise above deer star cloud rise through deer antlers awake window shield before deer's antlers a miniature toy deer on the window sill a toy deer a light a miniature deer -- closed to night to morning reindeer in rain toy deer in a box miniature sunsets merry-go-round reindeer music going round the carousel deer belong to the owner of an early sunset deer gallops in place to music before the movie begins carousel deer to the music prance -- night deer gallops in circles -- frozen at the end of day a carousel frozen in the evening light -- closed for the season a carousel deer frozen by the setting sun -- closed for the season deer frozen in sunlight; closed for the season that's where the sun went: no footsteps but circles into the carousel deer will miniature deer dream morning light -- last light from day even carousel deer dream into music before the setting sun before sun set rounds music -- carousel deer suddenly sunrise northern wisconsin deer where light from gallops

-- Jeff Wietor


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