Friday, November 11, 2005

Adam & Whit Clearwater: : Conjunctio Twins

I cannot seriously suppose that I am at this moment dreaming. Someone who, dreaming, says “I am dreaming", even if he speaks audibly in doing so, is no more right than if he said in his dream “it is raining", while it was in fact raining. Even if his dream were actually connected with the noise of the rain.

I wonder when the rains will begin. A gathering grayness of evening. Half hour before sundown. Gray obscures sunset. Humidly thick the air. Warm humid home clammy humane drizzly down-to-earth humdrum muggy. When the rains begin in earnest. The rains of winter fat and meticulous. When the autumn becomes winter. I wonder waiting when the meticulous drops of water needle the cement and pierce the remaining leaves. When the winter explains itself to itself in thickening darkness. When the darkness comes earlier and earlier each day during the rain. When the rain succeeds at intoxicating the evergreens and lawns and fist-sized ivy in the hidden areas of San Francisco's closely kept secret: the backyards. The city backyards hidden from view by facades of houses. Remote and private. The rains. Banana slugs languid on the sidewalks in Buena Vista Park. When the ants come indoors. Baptize the newcomers. Drown the residents. Banter on buses urgently concerns the rain, "it's raining It's dreary I'm sick of it I'm weary When will it ever stop raining I'm cold It's cold I have a cold I had that cold everyone is having I'm tired of it It's raining again. It's wet I'm cold. He has the flu Did you have the flu She has the flu He's out She's out They've been out for most of the week." Pluvial and pluvious drizzle comes stormy. Rain on the window. Waking to rain. Sleeping through rain. Walking in the rain. Running through rain blossomed green. He was a friend of mine. May your sweet dreams come true. Just a minute wait for the never grow old silence. dancing with nouns; various writers style of dancing with nouns: chandler alchemy, ashbery mysticism, basho conjunctio et al. Poem title or titles: I am that word the Japanese have a word for. he says: "my goldrush gainst her silvernetss" lamenting the interpretive trend. when rain turns to words she turns toward silver. rain in her womb he rains in her version of reproduction. rain falls from the sky. sun in fermentation full. twins. such as they were they will be: body bound. eye to eye tooth and nail I must defend the Universe. ya ya ya but first let's have some fun. as God has decreed in essential way. here the water sinks into the soil. into the lawn. into the roots of the plane tree. birth occurs in the steams of the still head. he says: "the he and the she and the is of it"

Sie erreichen Conjunctio als Antwort zu einer Verhältnis-Frage: Sie verwirklichen bald einen Anschluß des sacred Buchstabens, magisch und tief wandeln um. Conjunctio verkündet die Verbindung der kosmischen soulmates, also tief und wesentlich ist es fast symbiotisch. Ihr Liebeleben könnte ein Gipfel erreichen, wenn Sie den Mut ließen gehen, sich zur Stärke Ihrer eigenen Gefühle zu verlassen und dieser unwiderstehlichen, Anziehung zu widerstehen zu stoppen haben. Es ist nicht über wütende, illusorische Neigung, eher eine fast mystical Komplementarität consecrated durch Verbindung, dieser Sozialstempel der Zustimmung, die der wenige wichtige Aspekt des Verhältnisses ist. Wenn Sie Conjunctio als Antwort zu einem professionellem erreichen, fragen Sie: sie erklärt Ihnen, daß es eine gute Zeit ist, ergänzende Teilhaberschaften, ursprüngliche Verbindungen, Fusionen oder das Arbeiten in den Paaren herzustellen. Zögern Sie nicht, an einem Gemeinschaftsprojekt teilzunehmen, oder Ihre Tätigkeiten aufzuladen, indem Sie in neues Blut oder in neue Ideen holen. Sie konnten Hilfe von den unterschiedlichen Leuten auch empfangen oder werden in einer strategischen Crossroadsposition zwischen unterschiedliche Felder gesetzt. Wenn Sie Conjunctio als Antwort zu einem geistigem erreichen, fragen Sie: sie führt Sie in Richtung zu einer divine Liebegeschichte. Sie werden mit kosmischen Flächen, Gott oder Natur vereinigt. Sie werden fielen angeschlossen an den Cosmos über den Grenzen der Raum-Zeit und der Versuche und der tribulations des Ego hinaus. Sie werden durch die Sterne und fühlen ernährt, die und durchzuführen verwirklicht werden. Conjunctio verkündet Momente von Anmut, also ließ ihn Sie berühren.

one must fix one unite. soul and spirit why is the body weak sold to dissolution. his sharp tooth. awareness of being is delight do not undervalue attention the beginningless begins forever the second half can end at any time play hard have fun short radius what makes the difference everything happens by itself it's a matter of wanting Who is Adam; who Whit: time will and will not tell: living is life's only purpose. I am not the doer.

Reality can not be expressed.

The pileated woodpecker is about 15 inches in length and is one of the largest woodpeckers found in North America. (Only the possibly extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the southeastern United States and Cuba and the Imperial Woodpecker of western Mexico are larger.) It has a black body, a red crest, white stripes on its neck and black and white stripes on its face. It has yellow bristly feathers over its nostrils that keep out wood chips. It has a long, sticky tongue; a long, sharp pointed bill and yellow eyes. Males and females are similar, but males have a red forehead, and females have a gray to yellowish brown forehead.

Gene Krupa was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 15, 1909 and was the the youngest of Bartley and Ann Krupa's nine children. His father died when Gene was very young and his mother worked as a milliner to support the family. All of the children had to start working while young, Gene at age eleven. His brother Pete worked at "Brown Music Company", and got Gene a job as chore boy. Gene started out playing sax in grade school but took up drums at age 11 since they were the cheapest item in the music store where he and his brother worked. "I used to look in their wholesale catalog for a musical instrument - piano, trombone, cornet - I didn't care what it was as long as it was an instrument. The cheapest item was the drums, 16 beans, I think, for a set of Japanese drums; a great high, wide bass drum, with a brass cymbal on it, a wood block and a snare drum." The pileated woodpecker eats insects, fruits and nuts. A large part of its diet is made up of carpenter ants and beetle larvae. It uses its sharp bill to pull bark off a tree to expose ant colonies. It uses its long, sticky tongue to poke into holes and drag out the ants. It also digs out large rectangular holes in trees to create roosting and nesting spots and to expose insects. His parents were very religious and had groomed Gene for the priesthood. He spent his grammar school days at various parochial schools and upon graduation went to St. Joseph's College for a brief year. Gene's drive to drum was too strong and he gave up the idea of becoming a priest. In 1921, while still in grammar school, Gene joined his first band "The Frivolians." He obtained the drumming seat as a fluke when the regular drummer was sick. The band played during summers in Madison, Wisconsin. Upon entering high school in 1923, Gene became buddies with the "Austin High Gang", which included many musicians which would be on Gene's first recording session; Jimmy McPartland, Jimmy Lannigan, Bud Freeman and Frank Teschemacher. In 1925, Gene began his percussion studies with Roy Knapp, Al Silverman & Ed Straight. Under advice from others, he decided to join the musicians union. "The guy said, 'Make a roll. That's it. Give us 50 bucks. You're In.'" Krupa started his first "legit" playing with Joe Kayser, Thelma Terry and the Benson Orchestra among other commercial bands. A popular hangout for musicians was "The Three Deuces." All of the guys playing in mickey mouse bands would gravitate here afterhours and jam till early in the morning. Gene was able to hone and develop his style playing with other jazz players such as Mezz Mezzrow, Tommy Dorsey, Bix Beiderbecke and Benny Goodman in these local dives. Krupa's big influences during this time were Tubby Hall and Zutty Singleton. The drummer who probably had the greatest influence on Gene in this period was the great Baby Dodds. Dodds' use of press rolls was highly reflected in Gene's playing, especially during his tenure with Benny Goodman.

-- Jeff Wietor


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