Sunday, November 13, 2005

Propositional Prepositions with Guy Pearce

people with less money are less heard from
a film you can do your ironing to
but a profound sense of

like trying to capture lightning in a bottle
reveries on the poetic ebb and flow of life
across time and memory without a break

a system of moments: guest curator
I saw more clearly than I have ever seen before
I am a graphic designer at a top snowboard company

it's too warm for Christmas shopping
hard to believe Christmas is around the corner
November cut from a different cloth

the false embers of remembering that moment
the thing du jour in indie rock; black clad sycophants;
attacked again with the threat of holidays

if you loved yesterday you'll love today
no rain in the foreseeable future: high and dry
into next week: unseasonably dry: Design DJ

he believes it but it isn't so
he knows it but it isn't so
what is expressed by tone of voice

did you have fun. yes. did you learn something. yes.
what did you learn. silence. he was just beaming
with pride; you know you had a good time. tell me.

forget this transcendent certainty, which is connected
with your concept of spirit. you know your name
what could a mistake here be like.

wicked weather whipped up on football fans
no one discovers the clues like he does
it's a nice day to do just about anything

I am convinced the sun is not a hole in the vault of heaven
you may have some gusty winds keeping the rain away
there's a much different story in the nation's heartland

where did you come from
I wonder how
I will lift up these words

at the core of the sinking numbers: the war in Iraq
five shootings were reported in Oakland over night
when was it you figured out something was wrong

there's a misconception that celebrities don't have problems
brittany murphy is definitely not clueless anymore
luis alfaro was born and raised in downtown Los Angeles

how many times have you gone to church and left the same as you came
I stole your magazine from a woman in Florida: I heard a buzzing sound.
plenty of fast track doppler sunshine high clouds no moisture

imminent commitment; little pinch; melted butter; not an artist?
it doesn't matter anymore; you can be taught everything you need
to get a job; call now; you probably have questions.


she knew how sick she was. absolutely. she died three years later.
modern medicine develops drugs. she lived life to the fullest.
she did charity work. of course no one knows. how did you know we were lost.

cult kudos accolades just say the script was great
so he decided to take love and make it music a penny for your thoughts
I played drums in every dive up and down the coast

spank the movie back in line sexy barbie-perfect boyish lens
his other love walking the line with Reese Witherspoon coffee
house grins eyebrows meaningfully: gesture we say differently

can you help me with my sleeping trouble? I am sure I have not
been to the moon but I cannot, of course, prove it to you.
I never thought you'd play with the big boys as a critic's darling.

she all but steals from the star; his voice comes from that skinny frame;
sassy assurance, for example, playful sex monsters from Venus rub you down;
not an artist? it doesn't matter anymore; you can be trained.

suppose you could not remember whether you always had five fingers;
does anyone ever test whether Andy Warhol remains in existence
when no one is paying attention to him?


sit there. don't blink. the truth of a proposition is certain.
complete conviction; total absence of doubt; it gives me
something to do; it is written; I went undercover; Underground.

Memento whirlpool of postpubescent emotion churning guitars tearful
thrill rock melodies pained vocal styling I mean this is music at 16
some guitars save the day we love that Roy Orbison sound dancing in the dark

he was just a skinny kid; imagine a world without you; are you in it?
these are exciting times but not much longer for you hanging on
despite a certain something sugar spun electric piano alluring undercurrent

I have been asked to star in a Nike commercial. of American audiences;
of British dance; of their choice; of "Lump," "Runaway Train," and yes,
"Breakfast at Tiffany's"; sort of cool; have you used of yet today?

-- Jeff Wietor


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