Saturday, January 14, 2006

Conversational Interlude Intrudes Adam & Whit

A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi
getting ready for bed; a pair of warm pajamas
Adam reminds me, tease. taunt & tickle me:

"between futile speculation and unconsidered action"
correct me if I'm wrong
"I knew a man once did a girl in"

"have you noticed the cherry blossoms"
"again". "again and again". "again again".
pink clusters starry bursts.

pretty in confidence; casting a spell:
Springtime in the middle of Winter
San Francisco; bedazzled, a source of success

I find it difficult describing my situation
your situation, is it easier to describe?
describe to me your situation.

I forget what it was I was thinking about.
Was I in fact thinking about something?
Perhaps I just had the thought I was thinking.

When Adam says good night to me I say good night
to him; I feel at moments when I say good night
to Adam I have gained the capacity to act directly.

While Adam is preparing for bed I feel him struggling
with inner demons; as if demons have sprouted in him
in the dark of him about to flower

Within Adam is a seed of unplanned acceptance;
Adam is vigilant to his unplans and unknowing.
Adam unknows and unplans and is thus happy.

I am happy with Adam when Adam remembers I am his
brother; sometimes he can't remember which of
us is older; it matters that I don't want to lose him

it's hard for us to tell where my body leaves
off and his begins; we have a capacity to act
directly; we have a place to go with each other

-- Jeff Wietor


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