Friday, January 13, 2006

Wedded Conversation

Whit's private thoughts
privately thinking
Whit's lopsided traditional wonderments:

I am always disentangling myself from people.
I am compulsive with ideas, often confused,

sometimes vanity eats away at me
eats me
feeds me
clothes me
comforts me:

but not now, not today.

I feel knotted-up today.
Distant, vaguely lumpy, impersonal.
My teeth hurt with a hurt that
fascinates me.

I feel pain on the molecular level.
I feel pain in the smallest part of myself.

When I am in the deepest most hidden
reaches and regions of pain I put on a
body hugging wedding dress and go out to a leather bar.

I sit at the bar drinking beer from a bottle.
I talk to whoever talks to me.
I talk about how much I look like somebody else
and everyone agrees with me.

This is the moment
of my

-- Jeff Wietor


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