Saturday, April 01, 2006

Journey by Rain : Guerneville

Five AM
has it's own life:
Indigo/Prussian Blue
Gray clouds pre-dawn splendor
Is it March 31 or April 1
without a calendar

travelling conversation:
kids can't get loans --
and then these kids
pay all that money --
and then can't get a job --
and they don't help them
find a marketable major --
it's awful I don't see
why kids are going
to school --
a lot of them aren't
well informed --

rain flecks on car window
rain beads; rain fuzzy
rain drizzles; rain designs

you have to shop around
you have to see what area
you can stand
there're no jobs in anthropology --
she didn't like mosquitoes --
she's going in for teaching --
you think it's a question of money
you have to get experience

palm tree silhouette morning sky --
how busy it is
an oak tree in the middle of a grassy field
you have to fight for a degree
green rolling hills
clumps of trees
morning sky silver
it's beautiful
what's that famous school back east?

street lights fluorescent yellow
a chemically bright yellow
stark red lights off the highway
it shows you it's a complex issue
memories of motion:
train rides : lights in the night
lights in the middle of night
lights along the night
light within the night
we pass an orange van
rich color saturation of color
she knew how to ask the right questions
without antagonizing anyone
she got a job

eye to eye with the sky
morning light -- travelling
sunlight years away
now she's looking for something else
trying to make a name for herself
she's very independent
even though she doesn't share anything with me.

sky changing gray
sky changing clear --
light blue
not in my head blue

the world is an enormous complex

that's pretty neat
she rents out property
she won't rent to me
I was kept out

East it's pink East it's gray
it's a movmement weekend
it's private

I forget
I have forgotten
I forgot
if I be forgotten

Exit Signs
Highway Signs
Blue Signs

he's so alive but
how do you keep
it alive for

the Audience

: Subject: a tough subject
:to do an artistic film:
of a "tough subject" :
very hard

I like film
I like making them --
what's a
tough subject

we can imagine we
hear the
dead can dance
sky light gray

6:09 am
it's still Saturday
the whistle blower
risked everything

the questioner didn't ask
the right questions

I think we need to see other people.

Impressions of travelling North:
we're moving into the
fog the Big Dark --
Rain Clouds - the
W. Sierra Avenue
Rohnert Park exit
Richard Misrach photo of gray sky
North Gray
gray rain slick
heavy rain
thick dense
strong rain
pelting windshield

Santa Rosa Blvd
the green sign

Todd Road

Rain: heavy at times
Rain: it's up for grabs
Rain: I like developing things
Rain: I don't crowd people
Rain: read an autobiography of Gloria Swanson
Rain: she was an incredible woman

6:14 am
she got 5 scientists out of
Germany to invent things we

she just did it through her connections

Los Robles Lodge

Rain: still falls.

6:18 am
he just took the moment and made
an opportunity out of it

6:19 am
I can help in certain ways

Fulton Drive going right
then life
back road that ambience

going into the woods
the forest feel the vinyards
then to the left the forest ahead

meanings: I am who I am
I am becoming what I wish to become

being &/or becoming
these are words that can matter
may matter volitional matter
will matter

6:25 am
overarching trees
brief tunnel of trees

blue sky break
conversational breaks in the weather

vegetation; thickness alongside the road
dense green; John Constable Romantic Green
more densely green; playing chess
with the sky green; a sense of seclusion
green so you can see what's happening green;
there are no jobs so you have to
create work for people.

6:30 am
there's probably a structure
we're not aware of

can you tell
we've made good time?

the river's high
high up the banks
high water flowing thick gray
some white water gray flowing
high up the sides of the banks

they don't throw people out
they may have to give it up
they develop the people
they have given him challenges
they're not trying to use you up
they bet on him
they went back there
they visited them
they took him around
they're way faster than we are

6:36 am

they're inclusive
they can't walk away from their history
they're trying to be socially conscious
they there,
there they . . .
the . . . the . . .
Rusian River ahead
river sacred songs
Armstrong River Road
the rhythm of the song kept them going
(Copper Woman)

6:48 am
arrival - fog - rain drips from leaves
from pine needles
what did they do?

S-Curves travel river curves black birds swoop
fog - light choir
of frogs

Cabin 6

the mystery of cathedrals
sound installation
sound insulation
below 125 hz - rid
knocking out frequency
piano in room acoustically silent
octaves; Sony headphones

good judgement comes from experience
experience comes from bad judgement
m twain

your name here:
Dionysius the Areopagite
The Celestial Hierarchy
That every divine illumination, while going forth with love in various ways to the objects of its forethought, remains one. Nor is this all: it also unifies the things illuminated.

Project: Lighthouse Moments
spells and wonders of the Castle of Dampierre

Discovery 15th Century
Disciples of Hermes
Veiled Essence Higher
Machicholated conical
Romanesque 1545 - 46
history verbal picture
paint history
historical weight
stones; red wash
dried blood and gold
secret symbolic science
building mix gossip with secrets
excellent memory
per. per seVere
pers. persevere
Castle - alchemically

P. 292


The Just Dampens the Proud One


my "L" sign/insignia/emblem
with crown: to mean projection : : gold
that is alchemically produced gold

alchemical myth
adam & eve

not unknown in the ancient world:
much in common with Brancusi's Endless Column and
Table of Silence

Have you ever thought about the invevitable consequences
which are to result from unlimited progress?

Have you ever thought about the invevitable consequences
which are to result from limited progress?

Have you ever thought about the invevitable consequences
which are to result from no progress?


Image: Medieval
Image: Alchemy
Image: Castle XXV

Michael Maier: Alchemical Quadrature
17th Century hermeticist & Physician
determine relationships
Atalanta Fugiens: The Flying Atalanta
Philosophical Emblems
of the
Secrets of Nature
(determined relationships)

Alain Danielou: Music & The Power of Sound
Is there --
musical --
the music

Medieval. Alchemy.
Christian. Stone.
Masons. Objects.
Traverse. Visit.
Sounds. Gold.
Copper. Anthracite.
Ivory. Cymatics.

Yard Stick segments
rearrange the segments
you still measure a yard

If the cathedrals
were built
according to
we'll say
higher knowledge
they'd have to (be
built) express
certain definite
numerical relationships.
Those relationships
(the structure) are to
be found in
the Just Octave.
sound & form = Cymatics

sound medieval objects
mystery tableaus
feels like an interval


frogs ventriloquist
rain puddles pine tree
drip light / rain

idea of Celestial Hierarchies
Medieval sculptures
Saint Denis
panel 8
Medieval Poetry
look into
in building
decorative non-decorative
signs of fire
sings of water
sings of earth
signs of air
(triangles of . . )

from 400 a.d. to 15th century
Goodbye to All That . .
A History of Pagan Europe: Prudence Jones
Barbara Tuchman: A Distant Mirror
Robert Graves: The White Goddess
abracadabra G = 7th
Architecture used to convey ideas: secular
Cloud of Unknowing;
Evelyn Underhill; Gargoyles; worth looking into

light coming out of
Saint Denis
Abbot Suger
images salvation
1st ideas : Dionysis Areopagite
worth looking

Ron Fricke : Chronos
Steve has images of Celestial Harmony
go simple
Shamans, mystics, doctors

5:11 pm
close day
sun setting
evening ideas
group intelligence
to learn
how to coax something forward

5:23 pm
relationships to forest sunshine
learning to find a language
shakespeare actors prisoners
Mistletoe grows in clumps
trees without leaves mistletoe grows

Mistletoe is a misunderstood plant. Although most people think of it as a parasite, it is only partially parasitic, or a “semiparasite”. Note that the stems and leaves of the mistletoe plant are green, thus it does produce some of its own chlorophyll. Therefore it makes some of its own food. It becomes more parasitic, however, whenever there is a drought--then the mistletoe will take water away from its host at the host’s expense. Mistletoe dies if its host dies

she mentions Spanish Moss in the trees of Oregon

stopping: Sebastopol
Whole Foods : :
youth, beauty, money, hippie leftover
children, pretty children in flowing clothes
look drugged on some sort of newfangled something
or other I can't tell but guess: happy hippie
money hugs grass or irish stew warm food and
scones (or mistletoe)

why does the sight of big mistletoe
balls intrigue me: faux nests
she looks
she talks
the evening
now long lines of light
coming and going

the day
Fred Astaire
his dance

the realization:
we're all having trouble
organizing our things
our lives
our treasured
our objects
our inevitable


-- Jeff Wietor


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